Into The Wild Essay Topics

It is a nonfiction book based on the adventures of one Chris Mc Candless.He is a twenty four year old who goes out to live in the nature with barely any provisions.His parents’ careers are successful so they can afford to provide him with a good, comfortable life but he does not appreciate it. Into the wild by Jon Krakauer Introduction Into the Wild is a true-life story about the life and death of a twenty four year old man bearing the name Christopher Mc Candless.

He then disappeared and left his personal identity and past. It talks of the cryptic death and life of a brilliant man called Christopher Mc Candless.He was unmistakably hardworking, “I’ve contracted work with many hitchhikers previously, majority of them had no aspiration to work.In The American dream, Frank was from an average life family. He ended up in the White House and became a role model for many people. Chris’ family embraced Franks’ idea of the self-made man.This is evident through their selfless act of taking Chris to school.(Vergara PAGE NUMBER OR SECTION HERE) "Into the wild" by Jon Krakauer is a very interesting book.The main audience or readers are teens and their parents.When he finally enters the world as an independent young adult, Chris had the rare privileges that many people of his age did not have.These privileges include a loving family, a college degree, a car that he adored as well as money worth ,000 in his savings account......Because he wrote his thoughts and experiences out in journals and notebooks and in the margins of some of his favorite books, it was possible for his family to retrace some of his steps and get a sense of what he'd learned in his two years on the road.The book that commemorates his life by Jon Krakauer was made into a movie of the same name by Sean Penn in 2007.

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