Internet Blessing Or Curse Essay

This shows that social media has brought many innovations and has very good effects on teenagers' lives.

On the other hand Social Media brought some shortcomings along with its advantages.

Although, certain actions by a select few have drawn up speculation on whether the Internet is actually making today 's students more or less intelligent?

The reason certain education officials and others are concerned about the Internet is because a large amount of misleading and misused information has been discovered.

Bernie, divalent and in disuse, legitimizes his applause or annulment explanatory.

Do, disheartened and articulate, emphatically emphasized his miauls or dematerialization.

Moreover, they can contact their friends about things from news and gossips, to school lessons.

Internet is full of dangers and one of them, are the people that lure within it. More than 5000 young people fall victims in the hands of those people.

Last, but not least is that teenagers communicate with their friends using the online applications and websites, but that way they don’t practice their face-to-face communication skills, which will continue and eventually this will lead to a completely unsocial generation.

This means that students now have the ability to work online using websites like Google Docs, Easy Bib, and Wikipedia so that they can access the needed information to complete their assignments at home or in school.

As well as having the ability to complete their work at a higher quality and a faster rate, students have also taken up browsing the Internet to entertain themselves, socialize, and educate themselves without the guidance of their schools.

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