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Indeed, simply watching somebody else perform activates ‘mirror’ neurons in the observer paralleling neuronal activity in the performer.

The ability to visualise success and an accompanying belief that success is possible appear to be prerequisites for most forms of human achievement.

HTML | PDF Highly effective schools have high levels of parent and community engagement.i ‘Community’ here includes parents, business and philanthropic organisations, and various services and not-for-profit groups.

How ‘engagement’ is defined and what it looks like in practice will vary from school to school.

Parallel to this reflection by the Commission, diplomats and public officials, the body of international case-law and literature on the many facets of the topic has steadily been growing."This book is much more than one may expect from a Festschrift; is not only an appropriate contribution to the memory of late Oscar Schachter, but also a wonderful portray of the state of the art of the law of international responsibility today.As such, it is in itself an enrichment of the literature on international responsibility." -Stephan Wittich, University of Vienna Editor’s Preface Sir Ian Brownlie – Summary Biography and Select Bibliography List of Contributors Table of Cases Table of Documents List of Abbreviations PART ONE - SETTING THE STAGE International Organizations’ Responsibility between Codification and Progressive Development 1. There is a well-established way of thinking about schooling. What students are expected to learn at school is spelled out in the school curriculum.The role of teachers is to teach the relevant year-level curriculum.Some Reflections on Basic Issues Concerning the Responsibility of International Organizations Antônio A. The Process of Law-Making: the Law Relating to International Organizations as an Example Kenneth Keith 3.Codification, Progressive Development, or Scholarly Analysis? The Art of Packaging the ILC’s Work Product Sean D. International Organizations are Definitely Not States: Cursory Remarks on the ILC Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations Alain Pellet 5.Responsibility of International Organizations: Essays in Memory of Sir Ian Brownlie contributes to the body of international literature by collecting a broad spectrum of different and sometimes differing perspectives from well-known experts in the field, ranging from the bench to the Commission, academia, and the world of in-house counsel.The book is also a memorial to the renowned Sir Ian Brownlie, himself a former Chairman of the International Law Commission who, as a leading scholar and practitioner, greatly contributed to the reflection on international responsibility, including the responsibility of international organizations.It has long been known that elite athletes mentally rehearse each performance prior to its execution.Advances in neuroscience show why this may be so important: the neurological processes involved in visualising a performance are almost identical to those involved in the performance itself.

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