International Assignments Jobs

Companies would have to identity the possible barriers preventing female high-earners from taking on jobs overseas, despite it being more financially prudent.

Another major concern listed by females when declining an international job assignment would be that their trailing spouses may not be able to adapt to the new country or find a job.

Another reason often cited for gender disparity in international assignees is the lack of transparency regarding international mobility policies.

Women are 19% less likely than males to perceive equal opportunities to work overseas with their employer.

A greater proportion of female professionals, compared to male professionals, believe that they have to work harder than other expatriates to achieve the same success – 23% of females versus 8% males.

When the process for repatriation is not certain, those with stronger informal networks are likely to negotiate a better expat package or support. Uncertainty in repatriation can be eradicated with a good support system or “sponsor” in the company.

A Pw C employee who was repatriated cited having a sponsor/partner/role model in the company as “solidifying her positive experience” in being seconded overseas.

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