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In addition, there has always been a willingness within the adoption community to work collaboratively with DOS to make the intercountry adoption process work better.

“NCFA hopes that the leadership at the Department of State will take responsibility for their role in contributing to this human rights disaster and reverse course immediately; otherwise, we can expect more of the same disastrous and deadly policies of the past 11 years,” Johnson states.

The failure of DOS to bolster intercountry adoptions can be seen across continents and in countries large and small.

Creating a solution to this issue will require widespread efforts — not simply working to repair relations with a few nations.

This decision impacts who you hire as your home study provider, your agency and your attorney.

Domestically, one can expect to spend between ,000 and ,000.While a major decline from China accounts for much of FY18’s downward adoption trend, many countries are also showing a similar trajectory.The following nations have been among the top 10 sending nations in the past two years and all have experienced declines since FY17 (noted in parenthesis): Democratic Republic of the Congo (-65%), Uganda (-53%), Ethiopia (-43%), South Korea (-25%), China (-23%), Haiti (-14%), and Bulgaria (-9%).Most domestic adoptions these days are semi-open, meaning that the birthmother will know your first names.In many cases, all parties have met and/or had phone conversations prior to the birth.Upon reaching adulthood, many of these children will lose access to the resources they need to survive safely on their own. Department of State (DOS) assumed responsibility for the oversight of intercountry adoption in 2008, the number of abandoned, orphaned, and vulnerable children around the world extends into the tens of millions, yet the number of children adopted by American citizens continues to decrease annually under their oversight, to a new historic low of 4,059.Intercountry adoption provides a family to children growing up without parents — unfortunately, the opportunity of growing up in a family is realized for far too few children year after year. For the past 11 years, NCFA has expressed ever-growing concerns about the state of intercountry adoption and DOS’s role in contributing to the decline — concerns routinely dismissed by officials at DOS who repeatedly have promised American prospective adoptive parents, Members of Congress, the Administration, and the media a new, improved, and robust intercountry adoption program.With domestic adoption, often this information is extensive, at least on the birthmother’s side.Take some time to consider the medical and social history of you, your spouse and your families.This takes soul-searching, brutal honesty and forthright communication as some of your answers may challenge long held beliefs about your values. Domestic adoption is the only way to adopt a newborn.If you choose to adopt internationally, it means adopting an older infant or toddler. Although you’re anxious to grow your family, how critical is the speed of the adoption?

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