Interdisciplinary Thesis Tufts

CS faculty conduct work in fast-growing fields like artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, high-performance computing, and more.In all, UMN runs nine separate CS-related research centers, giving you the chance to explore niche areas of study that simply aren't available at smaller institutions.As an undergrad, your work might not be quite so weighty, but you'll still have a chance to perform directed research with a faculty member of your choice.

In each of these categories, we then created a minimum threshold requirement.

ROI: 8,500Website Given RIT's singular focus on technology, it should come as no surprise that it earns a spot on this computer science college ranking.

RIT's CS curriculum incorporates a strong theoretical background to ensure students acquire the fundamental understanding they need to apply their skills in a meaningful way.

ROI: 5,000Website You might doubt the merits of earning an accredited computer science degree from a small liberal arts school, but doing so has its benefits.

At W&M, you'll enjoy small classes, the chance to work one-on-one with faculty, and the opportunity to pursue coursework (and maybe even double-major) in traditional liberal arts fields.

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