Intellectual Property Right Essay

Under the TRIPS Agreement, WTO members have considerable scope to tailor their approaches to IP protection and enforcement in order to suit their needs and achieve public policy goals.The Agreement provides ample room for members to strike a balance between the long term benefits of incentivising innovation and the possible short term costs of limiting access to creations of the mind.

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A name or indication associated with a place is sometimes used to identify a product.During the Uruguay Round negotiations, members considered that the standards for copyright protection in the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works were largely satisfactory.The TRIPS Agreement provisions on copyright and related rights clarify or add obligations on a number of points: A trademark is a sign or a combination of signs used to distinguish the goods or services of one enterprise from another.The TRIPS Agreement says members have to provide ways to prevent such misuse of geographical indications.For wines and spirits, the TRIPS Agreement provides higher levels of protection, i.e.New internationally-agreed trade rules for intellectual property rights were seen as a way to introduce more order and predictability, and to settle disputes more systematically. The WTO’s TRIPS Agreement is an attempt to narrow the gaps in the way these rights are protected and enforced around the world, and to bring them under common international rules.It establishes minimum standards of protection and enforcement that each government has to give to the intellectual property held by nationals of fellow WTO members.This “geographical indication” does not only say where the product comes from.More importantly, it identifies the product’s special characteristics, which are the result of the product’s origins.Governments grant creators the right to prevent others from using their inventions, designs or other creations — and to use that right to negotiate payment in return for others using them. Governments grant creators these rights as an incentive to produce and spread ideas that will benefit society as a whole.The extent of protection and enforcement of these rights varied widely around the world; and as intellectual property became more important in trade, these differences became a source of tension in international economic relations.

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