Intellectual Property Business Plan

Such protection is automatic the moment a work is created, but can also be registered with the federal government for additional protections in court.Trademarks are those things that make up your brand. This appears to be the first invention that the principals have pursued vigorously for patents and funding. The company has had ,925 in expenses in 2008 and ,452 in 2009. The principals invented INSERT PRODUCT which covers every stage of life, from children to adults. 2.2 Company History COMPANY NAME was founded in 2008.In addition to protecting these assets, they help you to: Abstract ideas are not subject to the above protections.In no case is an abstract concept or idea granted specific intellectual property protection.It's essential to your company—in many ways, its heart and soul.Your ideas and the way you express and use them are as (or more) important to your company than its physical assets.

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There must be some expression of the idea, which is what is protected. That includes literary, musical, dramatic, graphical, sculpted, photographic, recorded, filmed, architectural, and website works, as well as the interface, form and function of software, and the specific code used to make the software work.

Copyright provides the owner with exclusive rights to use, display, copy, exhibit, modify, and otherwise present and distribute the work.

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