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Others say that society cannot change and that it will continue to be corrupt and filled with selfish individuals, regardless of whether or not there are a few who are truly honest. For this reason, Caulfield loves children since they are the total opposite of the adult world and its phoniness.Phoebe, Caulfield’s younger sister, “represents the innocence and honesty of childhood, which is all Holden truly respects” (“The Catcher in the Rye” 8).Although various degrees of desire can be achieved in our society, there are still many...It has been said that the true power of beauty is felt most deeply by those who have caught but a glimpse of its potential; those able to see its ethereal quality without demanding more.

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In America, the loss of innocence is the loss of one’s virginity and the first exposure to alcohol and drugs.

The action or experience that causes the loss of innocence is one that is unforgettable, whether it is a good memory or a bad memory.

The experience makes people feel guilty, blamed, fearful, dishonest, insecure, harmed, or trapped.

Society is filled with corrupt adults, which makes it inevitable for the loss of childhood innocence as children enter into the adult world.

Some say that society can change and take a turn for the better, and though it may not be filled with honest, pure hearted people, it can be more genuine and more about the heart and less about success and materialistic pursuits. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield categorizes anyone, usually an adult, who is insincere as phony and runs away from the corrupt adult world, ultimately demonstrating Children are not phony because all of their actions and words are genuine, from the heart, pure, and innocent.

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