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"And he bigan with right a mery chere his tale anon, and seyde in this manere. Weaver Individuality and the General Will 82 Felix Morley Individuality vs.Equality 103 Helmut Schoeck Individuality and Its Significance in Human Life 125 Roger /.Indeed, as in the Canterbury Tales, each of the following essays owes strength to its federation with other essentially independent units.But since the beautiful essay of John Dos Passos takes Chaucer as the "fountain-head" of individuality in English literature, to that participant appropriately falls the lead posi- tion of that master's "ful worthy" knight. ." Felix Morley Gibson Island, Maryland January 12, 1958 Contents Introduction 5 Felix Moiley A Question of Elbow Room 1 3 John Dos Passos Some Biological Aspects of Individualism 37 Conway Ziikle Individuality and Modernity 63 Richaid M.Fifty years ago all this would have been the rankest platitude, *3 14 Essays on Individuality but we live in an epoch where the official directors of opinion through the schools, pulpits, and presses have leaned so far over backwards in their efforts to conform to what they fancy are the exigencies of a society based on industrial mass produc- tion, that the defence of individuality has become a life and death matter. Casting around for examples which might clarify some of the meanings of the word individuality, without seeming too boring, even to heads full of the fashionable negations of the moment, I find myself falling back on English literature as we find it on the library shelves.I'm thinking of the magnificent series of imaginative writ- ings in modern English that began with Chaucer five hundred years ago.

He has been able to make himself enough elbow room in society to exhibit unashamed the little eccentricities and oddities that differentiate one man from another man.

Williams The Historian and the Individual 146 James C.

Malin Capitalism and Freedom 168 Milton Friedman 9 io Contents The Creative Powers of a Free Civilization 183 Friediich A.

You can make a very good case for the notion that there runs through it all a unifying thread which is the measure of its difference from other literatures.

This English literature is dedicated to the description of man not only as an individual but as an eccentric.

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