In The Lake Of The Woods Term Paper Narrative Essay In The Third Person

John was always suspicious of Kathy and her sincerity so he began to spy on her even before they were officially in a relationship.After that, through manipulation, John controlled almost every aspect of Kathy’s life and he did everything he could to keep her beside him.The main couple and in fact the only couple presented in the novel is Kathy and John.They felt in love when they were in collage but their relationship was not a smooth one.Either way, it is clear that while John loved Kathy, Kathy may have never felt the same way about John.The main character in the novel, John is extremely interested in politics.Nicknames are not self-created but given to the person from friends or even comrades.In “Into The Lake Of The Woods” By Tim O' Brian, this is the case with John Wade, a former soldier that was nicknamed “Sorcerer”.

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O’Brien uses some of the literary conventions of the mystery genre—such as the disappearance or murder of an important character—but then subverts the genre’s tenets for his own purposes.The Americans were traumatized when they saw their peers being killed in battle so they considered it justice to do the same to the Vietnamese, be it soldiers or civilians.The massacre at My Lai proves just how far some are willing to go to prove that they are right and the things they are capable of doing when they think that no one is watching them or no one will find out.For O’Brien, the working of the human heart is ultimatelyunknowable; the most profound mystery.The primary relationship in this novel is the marriage between John and Kathy Wade.He also undermines the value of certainty by indicating, through the trickster John Wade, that an illusion can easily appear to be truth.Mystery of the Human Heart At the center of this disturbing novel, O’Brien’s most significant theme remains the unknowable mystery of the human heart and the nature of love.They talk about the future in the same way that children frequently do, to comfort themselves in the face of a present that falls short, that frightens or disturbs them.John’s obsessive behaviors, stalking, spying, and lying to Kathy make a mockery of a healthy, adult relationship. In many ways, their relationship seems superficial and childish.They often talk about owning a Victorian house and having children, but these things never become reality.

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