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For a wife to seek an abortion on her own or a daughter to need one is an affront to strict-father control over the behavior of the women in his family.

They are not the main moral issues in themselves; rather they are symbolic of the entire strict-father identity as applied to all spheres of life. Swing voters have both models–in different parts of their lives–and are unsure about which to apply to politics in a particular election.

Social programs are immoral because they give people things they haven’t earned and so make them undisciplined–both dependent and less able to function morally. Those who are not prosperous deserve their poverty.

Taxes take away the rightful rewards of the prosperous. Government should get out of the way of disciplined (hence good) people seeking their self-interest.

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Mommy isn’t strong enough to protect the family and is too soft-hearted to discipline the children. Apply this, via metaphor, to the nation: We need a strong President who knows right from wrong to defend the nation.

Progressive political ideals are nurturant moral ideals.

On the other hand, the strict-father family model assumes that evil and danger will always lurk in the world, that life is difficult, that there will always be winners and losers and that children are born bad–they want to do what feels good, not what’s right–and have to be made good.

At the very least they will see progressives as having deeply held, traditional American principles.

This would be a huge step forward from the present state, in which conservatives are seen as having a monopoly on “values” and progressives are framed as the party of “if it feels good, do it,” with no higher principles.

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