Immortal Technique Essay

but I can clearly, distinctly remember a completely different world than the one I was used to, that I left behind in Harlem. The fact that there was a guerrilla struggle going on at the time definitely illuminated a lot of things for me, and was incredibly powerful to see.Everywhere you went there were people with machine guns, Uzis, blocking all public entrances, searching people at random..."I wanted to make it clear and present for them." He audibly bristles at the suggestion that the average American's unlikelihood to travel contributes to a lack of understanding when it comes to foreign affairs. "But that's not very fair to say, as I don't know how many people in London have the opportunity to go to a place like Chechnya or Bosnia.I'm never of the assuming mind that Americans are more ignorant than any other part of the world. I think we're more visibly ignorant than anybody else, because this country's so much more in control of things.There is a pattern of violent abuse that happens on a regular basis.Cos, to keep it really real, NYPD is the biggest gang in New York. If you fuck up one of the, they're gonna fuck up ALL of you.

not as successful, I'd say, as having one woman that really loves you and cares.

"We have to remember that hip-hop had a side of it that was just about partying, enjoying life...

and we shouldn't look down upon that ‘cos at the same time, every single time that people have been put in a terrible position of bondage they sang songs that didn't have anything to with their condition. Slaves sang songs on the plantation, don't mean they enjoyed being there. There are people who sings songs of joy, and people who sing songs about things that they're not experiencing and things they don't have, because they wish they did have it. Whereas I would argue there's different levels of success.

Born in a military hospital in South America, he moved to Harlem when he was two years old. It was strange, because at that point I was able to begin to digest what I saw around me.

When you're a little kid you have flashing images, and you can see and remember little things...

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