Immigrant Assimilation Essay

Observant non-Western immigrants especially find it difficult to adapt to the predominantly secular American culture.For those who come from cultures defined by man's relationship to God — even when the state religion is not their own — conforming to the anti-metaphysical philosophy that implicitly informs everyday life in the modern West can be a bridge too far.Different peoples have always had their own stories, myths, music, and gods, and they have taken pride in what makes their people special.

Western society has forgotten that such distinctions are at the root of human identity.

Many do not wish to become American at all, and would gladly return to their homelands if only they could live there in safety.

One of the most difficult barriers to assimilation is religiosity.

Assimilating would require giving up the defining aspect of their cultural and individual identities.

The struggle to live in accordance with one's religious beliefs likely sounds familiar to many conservatives, who have had to fight in recent years for special "conscience clauses" to exempt them from laws that impinge on their right to live according to their convictions.

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