Ignou Assignment Papers 2012

He found that feedback on the marked assignments was comprehensive, but he also found that often tutors failed to elaborate on what needed to be done by students to obtain a better grade.Ronan also pointed out the occurrence of negative emotions when students did not realize their grade expectations.A review of such data enables the administration to identify weak and strong points of their system, such as weaknesses related to the instructors’ misinterpretation of evaluation criteria, non-receipt of learning packages, or even something as specific as an incorrect explanation made by a given tutor when teaching a concept during a tutorial meeting.Other more specific weaknesses might include late receipt of assignments, or a missed training session, use of inappropriate teaching materials, unattainable learning objectives, or ineffective learning measurements.The study takes into consideration, all possible divisions in the experimental group, specifically age, gender and programmes of study.Our findings revealed that a properly structured and periodically repeated training programme can reduce the extent of non-teaching comments among distance education tutors.Feedback from such assignments helps educators analyse the levels of successful learning among students, as well as the pedagogical effectiveness of self-instructional material.From the students’ perspective, assignments also play an important role because they convey students’ individual levels of learning achievements, which, in turn, can help them iron-out the negative aspects of the learning process while cementing the more positive aspects.

For them IGNOU provides lots of opportunities in the distant learning way. Candidate without mathematics as a distinct subject in class 12 needs to register for both CIC and MTE-03 alongside the 1st semester of BCA.

Tutors achieve this ideal by providing students with constructive criticism, support, and encouragement via marking and grading assignments.

Pradhan (2002) recommended that grading could be used in assessing students’ answers on both extended and restricted response type questions.

He observed that grading is more reliable than marking, because grading helps to minimize tutor subjectivity and maximize objectivity.

Ronan (1997) explored the role played by tutors in resolving the learning difficulties of distance learners registered for a Master’s degree in training programme at a major British university.

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