Identity Theft Dissertation Proposal

Javelin’s 2019 Identity Fraud Study provides comprehensive analysis of fraud trends in the context of a changing technological and regulatory environment in order to inform consumers, financial institutions, and businesses on the most effective means of fraud prevention, detection, and resolution.

The comprehensive analysis of identity fraud trends is independently produced by Javelin Strategy & Research and made possible with support from our sponsors.

In the event of suspicious or high-risk activity, victims should receive alerts through multiple channels, ideally channels that cannot be compromised as a unit. By moving away from passwords and toward a more robust data-sharing framework, the updated 3DS protocol avoids the mistakes of its first iteration while meaningfully increasing the difficulty of card-not-present fraud.

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Simply asking users to take a selfie with their identity document and even asking them to include a custom message is not enough to overcome today’s fraud threats. With the continuing growth of mobile phone takeover, it is becoming increasingly evident that SMS OTPs pose little barrier to determined fraudsters.

exclusively for their marketing campaigns and any other public purpose.

Javelin retains the ownership of the survey, raw data, methodology and all other project deliverables.

Lenders need to move into stronger identity proofing quickly.

As loan origination moves online, lenders need to ensure that they have a well-rounded view of the applicant.

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