I Am Joaquin Poem Essay

The implication that one must be a hybrid of indigenous and Spanish ancestry to qualify as Chicano is not subtle and has led to negative ramifications.

This strict blood test has done more harm than good to the Chicano movement as it emphasis a certain hybridization rejected by many Mexicans; all the while excluding a group of people Luis Valdez, founder of El Teatro Campesino and author of alludes to as Spanish Arabic.

Also, your claim that the poem implies that "one must be a hybrid to qualify as Chicano" also seems based on a either/or perspective which I don't believe is effective. I understand why the Chicano movement wanted to distance itself from European influence.

The poem never states that the reader "must" do anything and should be read more as a metaphorical/philosophical exercise and I don't think your critique needs that statement to be true in order for it to be valid. Again, I was impressed with your critique; you can tell by the length of my response. You definitely gave me some new perspectives to consider! For personal reasons, I only wish Corky wouldn't have strongly implied mestizaje is the basis of Chicano identity.

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Paz incisively posits that “the Mexican breaks his ties with the past, renounces his origins, and lives in isolation and solitude” (87). Following the existing EPC structure, to locate resources, use the top tabs (e.g.author pages & digital library, etc.), fill in the custom search bar at the foot of this page or, for a known URL, substitute "writing.upenn.edu/epc/" for "epc.buffalo.edu/" in the address bar above.Rather, fault is placed on his myopic explanation of whom Chicanos are.The differences between indigenous men and women of North America and those of Middle Eastern descent are apparent, ready to be discerned by someone making a moderate effort in seeking an accurate origin of Chicanos. Your focus on the Middle East origins of Chicano identity was especially interesting.Yes, Valdez, like “Corky” Gonzales, emphasis mestizaje; however, Valdez at least extends the parameters of mestizaje to incorporate Chicanos of Middle Eastern ancestry.On the contrary, Gonzales’s focus and advocacy of mestizaje has had a stifling effect on the recognition of Middle Eastern contributions to Chicano identity.Finally, I hope you don't mind one minor critique of your critique: Again, I think it's very well done but I feel like your thesis implies a subjective response to the poem.Terms such as "reckless and harmful" seem more like attacks agains the poet's character rather than an analysis on the poem itself. You know, I'v been told before that I should take into account the historical context of the poem.The harm in coupling Chicanismo to mestizaje is best captured by Nobel Laureate Octavio Paz in his work is the Mother forcibly opened, violated or deceived” (79).There is little doubt Paz is alluding to the raping of indigenous women by Spanish conquistadors.

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