I Am A Cripple Nancy Mairs Essay How To Write Philosophy Papers

She uses the word, or a form of the word, “cripple” eight times in the three paragraphs of her essay and with every use it becomes increasingly less shocking.She does this because she wants the audience to see that with repetition comes acceptance.She immediately draws attention to her passage by using this overlooked word in a short bold statement.She takes this word and makes it known to the audience that the use of it in her presence is not only okay, but it’s her preference that it be used to describe her. ” This powerful statement gives the audience a sense that she is not afraid, embarrassed, or ashamed of what she is.The remainder of the essay details the diagnosis and lifelong effects of her multiple sclerosis."On Being a Cripple" is commonly referenced in medical humanities courses.Elaborating to a society, so infatuated with being politically correct, that using a word considered derogatory to most may be necessary according to exact definition is Mairs’s purpose in writing this passage.

In her second paragraph she talks about how disabled and handicapped do not fit her condition according to exact definition.

Mairs’s second to last use of the word comes in the second sentence of the last paragraph when she states “Whatever you call me, I remain crippled.

” Because she used the word so many times previous to this statement, the audience now accepts and respects it as what she truly is. Although her passage wraps around using the word “cripple,” she also very frequently talks about the words “handicapped” and “disabled.

Mairs does this to show that, even if she’d like it to happen, she knows the world won’t change the way they see things, and she accepts this.

Still, Nancy Mairs effectively uses rhetorical devices to execute her purpose of making a misinterpreted word become an accepted word for her condition.

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