Humorous Speech Essay

That is, instead of getting a story started, then set-up, set-up, punchline, the comics who did well had almost every single sentence get a laugh.A punchline would also set-up the next sentence and it would flow from there.I wonder whom he asked since I never provided him with any references.Somebody’s due a bottle of Champagne (the French kind, not what American serves in Business Class) but I don’t know who.

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Same with references to penises, breasts, TV commercials, the TV shows that the NY auditioners are/were on (“Law & Order” and “The Sopranos”), X is different from Y (NY/California, men/women, black people/white people, etc.), contrasting ethnic backgrounds especially if they rely on offensive ethnic stereotypes (I’m half black and half Jewish so I’m really good at raising my own bail money, kind of jokes, and yes, I realize that half of that comment is more offensive than the other half but that’s what first came to mind as I type this– I’m not that good at writing offensive jokes)…Then I cut out any sentence that’s unnecessary. And good stand-up on TV gets more people to come see our shows. You’re driven by Secret Service agents and followed by your posse, or whatever non-rappers call hangers-on.

A bunch of blogs ago I questioned whether it’s better to have a three sentence joke that gets 80% laughter or a two sentence version that gets 60% laughter. And I want NY comics to dominate as we should– after all, NYC is the center of stand-up comedy. Oh, you say, why would how some idiotical lower-level person in a campaign affect how she’d run the country as president? If they say Snarf Garftarf, thank them, tell them they’ve made an excellent choice.

And while I still don’t have the answer for audiences, for auditioning I go with two sentences and 60%. That lower-level person isn’t going to become Secretary of State or be appointed to the Supreme Court. But that lower-level person is going to be offered a job as a mid-level bureaucrat in the Clinton (Mrs.) Administration. Because another guy was given the same intersection and he stood across the street from me at the top of a subway entrance. If they say the other guy, ask them to read the flyer, maybe you’ll change their mind.

But then I notice that “Magazine Editor” didn’t make the list either– maybe you’re just not that happy. The judges Bob Read and Ross Mark, who book The Tonight Show, were very nice to me; I didn’t realize how nice until I watched the show and saw how they treated some other auditioners.

I made them laugh a few times which isn’t as easy as it sounds at 10 AM (7 AM on the L. time they were living on) in front of people who watch comics for a living.

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