How To Write Creative Brief For An Ad Agency

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According to this great article by Hubspot: Great creative briefs have one primary function — to inspire your creative team to come up with the most brilliant and effective communications response to solve a particular problem.

While a collection of facts, the brief should put your creative team in the right frame of mind to come up an innovative and creative solution.

A creative brief is the very foundation of any advertising/marketing campaign.

You’ve established the problem and provided a solution.

It details our objectives, audience/community, message or utility, the context in which we’ll engage, timing and budged. Boches continues by explaining that the briefing defines what we’re doing while the creative aspect defines how.

Thinking about a broader concept, a creative brief can also be defined as a relatively short written document used by project managers and/or creative professionals with the goal of guiding the development of creative materials to be used in marketing/communication campaigns.

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