How To Write A Letter Of Intent For A Grant Application Dissertation Thesis Sample

From the foundation's viewpoint, It's faster to make that first cut of possible funding ideas with a two- to three-page letter rather than a full proposal package.

Once the foundation decides that your project may be a good fit for its goals and funding priorities, it may ask you to send a full-blown proposal.

The following template will help you assemble one quickly.

The italics indicate instructions and the bold fields. Dear Contact Person: This letter is inform you that the ABC Non-profit intends to apply for the Name of Grant Program by the month, date, year deadline.

Your investment of ,000 will complete the funding we need to implement the pilot project fully.

A letter of inquiry may be a lot easier for the nonprofit too.

But, just as for an audition, you mustn't take an LOI for granted or just dash something off quickly.

Include whatever funding you've already gotten and explain how you expect to support the project after the start-up period.

Review the elements of a full proposal before attempting the letter of inquiry.

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