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Let’s take a look at an example of direct variation.The amount of flour needed in a bread recipe varies with the number of loaves being made.If four members of the custodial staff are not at work today, how long will it take the remaining custodians to clean all of the hotel rooms?

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While you may not realize it, you use ratios every day.Joint variation is just an extension of direct variation.When we say that " is 8) into our joint variation equation: Once we have a value forwe plug this back into the equation of joint variation along with the variables we do know and solve for our unknown: Combined variation involves both direct and inverse variation. (Note, we are using different letters for our variables, but it doesn’t matter! The steps are the same as in the other example problems.When we say " is simply the product of the known values for the two variables.Let’s consider the following example: A particular hotel has a custodial staff of 12 employees, and they can typically clean all of the hotel rooms in 6 hours.If the cross products are equal, the ratios are equal.When solving a proportion question, you’ll want to rewrite the proportion in fractional format.In this example, the time required to paint the house varies inversely with the number of people painting.This means the more people painting the house, the less total time it will take to paint.For example, when you talk about a vehicle’s rate of travel being 45 mph, you are talking about the ratio of distance traveled to time traveled. They are typically written in one of two ways: as a fraction or with a colon (:).The ratio read as “4 to 10” could be written as 4/10 or as 4 : 10.

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