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Neglect the friction and the mass of the pulley and the string. The table of contents will list only tasks having one of the required ranks in corresponding rankings and at least one of the required tags (overall).

Keep in mind, external forces are forces that are exerted on the objects in our system from objects outside of our system.

And then I figure out, are there any other forces making this system go? You might say, well what about this tension over here?

Isn't the tension on this three kilogram mass? Not really, because that's an internal force exerted between the objects in our system and internal forces are always opposed by another internal force.

a) Find the magnitude of the tension in each cord in terms of α1, α2 and m so that the system is at rest.

b) Find numerical values to the three tensions found above for α1 = 45 , α2 = 30 and m = 1 Kg.

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