How To Solve Distance Word Problems

It would be helpful to use a table to organize the information for distance problems.

A table helps you to think about one number at a time instead being confused by the question.

Two cars started at the same time, from the same point, driving along the same road.

So how do we figure out the distance to the gift store? We should be able to figure out the distance to the-- actually let me write it this way.

At not point here do they say, hey, the gift store is this far away. The distance to the store will be equal to-- now we've got to make sure we have our units right.

We don't know-- in fact we know we're going to have different times in terms of times to the gift store and times coming back. So it would take her longer to get there than it took her to get back.

So let's see which of these we can actually-- we already know. So 45 minutes in hours, so it's 45 minutes out of 60 minutes per hour.

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