How To Publish My Research Paper

That may be a sign that you’re a well read scholar or it may be a sign that you’re trying too hard, so I think in some cases …I’ve never had an issue with let’s say referees saying, “well you didn’t cite enough stuff”.If you don’t have any common ground with the person you’re critiquing, not only is it just not an interesting paper, it doesn’t really advance anything and it doesn’t really convince anybody so I try to do that as much as possible.I also try to look for volunteers to read my papers at various stages of completion.Not every revision is sort of a whole scale reconstruction, but I usually for an article that makes it into print, I’ve rewritten the thing in some degree at least two dozen times.Now I like to kill trees sometimes, I like to sort of walk around with a paper and mark it up and things like that and do like a print out a new copy once I’ve made the revisions of the previous marked up copy, but I’ll do that about two dozen times at least for any paper because there’s always something new to find.Jeanne Hoffman interviews IHS’s Philosophy Program Officer, Dr.

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Bill Glod: What I try to do is extract the quotations from the articles that I’m going to address, especially the specific quotations that will be my biggest challenge.So there’s no sort of hard-and-fast set of criteria for determining when is this ready to go out, but I would say that you shouldn’t tinker with a paper endlessly.Once it feels roughly finished, then I think that’s when you should submit it.Something I forgot to mention from earlier is when I’m engaging the particular authors that I want to critique, I try to be Socratic.I try to give an internal critique of their arguments, so as much as possible.Of course, I want to frame the foil’s arguments in the best possible light.As far as going back and citing things, that’s usually the last stage of the process.And articles defending some particular thesis that I want to rebut.Journals typically like you to focus on two, at least two authors, two topics.That may be a sign that you’re a well-read scholar or it may be a sign that you’re trying too hard.I’ve never had an issue with let’s say referees saying, “well you didn’t cite enough stuff.” There may be other issues that I’ve had with papers that referees have found, but it’s not been a matter of the citation.

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