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Thesis statement explains the entire research paper in one sentence.

It seems to be hard as in your main part you convey so many ideas and thoughts on the topic, however ask yourself – what is the most important thing your readers should catch after reading your essay?

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The final part of your research paper is a conclusion that gives a summary. First, restate your thesis statement in different words to remind your readers what the main research question is.This way you will include all aspects of your topic that you need to cover in your outline and will be able to state the most appropriate arguments and evidence for your main ideas.How your outline should look like will also depend on your paper goals.As we have already said, you should have a complete understanding of your topic before you start to plan your paper.Don’t overload your outline with some minor thoughts – it won’t give your reader a better understanding of what you are writing about and won’t be helpful for in your writing process.Feel free to use the template below for any essay you need to write!Introduction Methods used (optional)References You can look at these two examples to understand how your perfect outline should look like and which mistakes you can avoid while outlining the paper.Body usually contains several parts; each of them contributes to support of your main idea.Make sure you put your parts in a logical order, that will facilitate comprehension of your paper.Second, include all parts’ main ideas (not more than 2 sentences for each part) in the conclusion.Then, you could state how this question can be analyzed further (maybe from different perspective/using other methods).

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