How To Conclude A College Essay

Because the scene begins with action, it can end that way too.“As the plane deployed its wheels and touched down on the runway, I breathed a sigh of relief. As I walked down the narrow cabin aisle, I nodded to the flight attendant. The introduction and the main paragraphs for your Common Application essay are written. Don’t flag now, even if you feel like giving up - this is a key section and needs focus and concentration.For example if your introduction started with: “” And the main points featured helping friends and neighbors who couldn’t drive, ferrying your siblings to their out of school activities and using the car to arrive at your weekend job earlier; then your conclusion could say, “During the last 12 months of driving independently, I’ve gained far more than just the ability to drive from A to B.

It is better to leave it out, than try too hard and it falls flat.Here are tips for what to avoid, and what to do, in order to write the best conclusion for your college essay.Admissions officers read thousands of college essays every year that end with a summarizing statement.If you’re not pursuing a creative writing major in college, you won’t run into more assignments like the college essay.So, what should you do if you can’t help but write a stock phrase?If it’s possible (and it may not be) leave your reader with a thought provoking question about the future.For example if you’ve written about the prejudice you’ve encountered as a woman while trying to set up an all-women’s American football team at high school, ask the reader in your conclusion…An essay conclusion should aim to stay in the reader’s mind whether that’s because it’s a great story, the thought of what may come next or you’ve left a resounding impression.It’s about ending an essay with an actual conclusion not just tailing off or drifting, as the main story has been told. A great conclusion can be more powerful than anything featured on your transcript because it can set you apart from everyone else. The impression you leave in the final sentences of your essay will remain with your reader.

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