How To Begin An Argumentative Essay Examples

If, for example, you’re writing about the effects of air pollution on our environment, you cannot base your arguments on personal opinions.You’ll have to search for research studies that support those claims.With this essay, you should investigate a topic from multiple angles.You’ll do that by collecting and evaluating evidence.Then, at the end of the introduction, you will state your thesis in a clear, single sentence. It’s something that you can argue and support with evidence.For example, a statement like “Traffic is contributing towards greater pollution” is not a solid thesis, since you can’t really argue about it.In the conclusion, you should restate your thesis statement and remind the reader how important this issue is.

You can start by defining the major terms and providing some background on the topic.The argumentative essay usually comes in five paragraphs: introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion.Some professors read only this part before deciding if they should continue spending time with your paper.The conclusion should be logical and based on all arguments you presented throughout the body of the paper.If you submit a paper that is poorly written and riddled with mistakes, it doesn’t matter how good your argument is. Professors read all day long and so common errors like passive voice, over-reliance on adverbs, and poorly constructed sentences drive them crazy.“Although eco-friendly cars are polluting the air less than traditional engines, they do not have the potential to decrease the levels of air pollution.” Now, that’s something we can argue with research and statistics.The last thing you should do is waste time with fillers.For example, you might write an essay arguing that military service should be mandatory.You would do research exploring the benefits of mandatory military service in the acountries that enforce it.How exactly do you write a powerful argumentative essay?You’re aware of the effect you should achieve, but how do you get there?

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