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This really is an incredible set of primary source material.

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This is where the majority of debate on big political issues takes place and from this the proposal of new laws.are Parliamentary Papers presented to the United Kingdom Parliament nominally by command of the Sovereign, but in practice by a Government Minister.The numbering is continuous over sessional sessions, they are differentiated by a letter prefix: They bound with the House of Commons papers.Subjects range from: slavery, small pox and railways to the sinking of the Titanic.You will also find maps, illustrations and photographs within the documents.These tend to be the best places to start your search.This guide will help you gain a general overview of the main sources of information, and where to find them.The Commons is the only place where the third role of government takes place (although advice can be taken from the Lords on financial matters it can not oppose them).is made up mainly of those appointed by the Queen but there are members internally elected and a small number from the Church.Large series of commissioners reports, annual departmental reports and statistics also run through the collection.Until 1801 Parliamentary Papers were not formally presented.

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