House Made Of Dawn Essay Questions

Fed up with Abel's behavior, Ben throws him out of the apartment.Abel then seeks revenge on Martinez, a corrupt policeman who robbed Ben one night and hit Abel across the knuckles with his big stick. While Abel is in the hospital recovering, Ben calls Angela who visits him and revives his spirit, just as he helped revive her spirit years ago, by reciting a story about a bear and a maiden which incidentally matches an old Navajo myth.Angela seduces Abel to distract herself from her own unhappiness, but also because she senses an animal-like quality in Abel.

Memories run through his mind of the reservation, the war, jail, and Milly.According to one of Momaday's letters: Abel is a composite of the boys I knew at Jemez. An appalling number of them are dead; they died young, and they died violent deaths. Now an old man with a lame leg, Francisco had earlier been a respected hunter and participant in the village's religious ceremonies.He raised Abel after the death of Abel's mother and older brother, Vidal. Scott Momaday, widely credited as leading the way for the breakthrough of Native American literature into the mainstream.It was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1969, and has also been noted for its significance in Native American Anthropology.Possibly as a result of this affair, Abel realizes that his return to the reservation has been unsuccessful. His turmoil becomes clearer when he is beaten in a game of horsemanship by a local albino Indian named Juan Reyes, described as "the white man." Deciding Juan is a witch, Abel stabs him to death outside of a bar.Abel is then found guilty of murder and sent to jail.Part II takes place in Los Angeles, California six and a half years later.Abel has been released from prison and unites with a local group of Indians.Details in the novel correspond to real-life occurrences.Momaday refers in his memoir The Names to an incident that took place at Jemez on which he based the murder in House Made of Dawn.

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