Hospital Business Plan Sample Conceptual Framework In Thesis

Land for the hospital can be purchased or leased and the hospital building must conform to the standards set and agreed on by the medical, technical, and environmental regulatory bodies of the country and locality of the hospital.

A lot of documents such as land deed, architectural plan need to be approved by the relevant authorities.

The area also needs to have a good transportation network and infrastructure, and should be situated close to or in an area with high population density if you want to succeed in the business.

Also worth considering is the number of hospitals in the region you have chosen as you may not be able to pool in as many clients if your hospital is situated too close to another one.

You may also need to obtain permission from the relevant authorities in order to install incinerators which are required to dispose of body parts and other medical waste.

This is important even in low cost hospital business model.

Healthcare business offers one of the basic needs of every individual, and everyone has at one time or the other required the services of a medical personnel or establishment (hospital, clinic, pharmacy, nursing home, etc).

Most countries have more population than the currently established hospitals can cater for, and so most hospitals are over-stretched, and with the population growth, there is the need for more hospitals.

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You will be given an occupation certificate when all formalities have been cleared.You also need to determine the capacity of the hospital you want to open and whether it will be a multi-specialty, specialist, or general hospital.Choose a location that is easily accessible to people in case of emergencies.It helps in fundraising or simply optimizing the fiscal statements for the current business.Hospital Business plan writing should be effectively done by following a standard format.For example, an orthopedic hospital and a pediatric hospital will have different needs for hospital supply businesses.Electricity is essential to running of any establishment, more especially a hospital as majority of the equipment run on electricity, so provision must be made for backup power in case the local power supply fails as may be the case especially in developing countries.You do not want to face a power outage when a critical procedure is being carried out.Water is also essential in the running of a hospital for various purposes.This will give your hospital the legal grounds to operate freely.In India, among such licenses are: Fire license, which is necessary to show that a hospital will not cause loss of life or damage, and a health license which authorizes you to give healthcare to patients.

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