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If you’re excited about your work, that positivity will help carry you through even the roughest of times.The key is to find something that motivates you, and passion is a good indicator that you’re looking in the right place.You could even sell exclusive e-books or online courses. Every company needs quality content—from website descriptions to blog posts.If you’ve got creative energy and a way with words, consider freelance writing.If you love what you do but want to work for yourself, consider consulting in your area of expertise as an independent contractor.If you have a degree in a specific field, like accounting or law, consulting can be a great way to share your expertise. Is there a topic you’re passionate about or have expertise in?On some of these sites, you can create a profile, apply for jobs and even take tests to demonstrate your aptitude.After you’ve built a solid portfolio, consider launching your own small online writing business.

If you’re happy in your current position, consider asking about remote work options.

If you love what you do but want to work for yourself, consider consulting in your area of expertise as an independent contractor.

If you’re skilled at search engine optimization, for example, offer SEO audits and advice.

So start by finding something you’re passionate about doing.

Here’s a list of common work-from-home roles for all interests and skill sets.

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