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Then I empathized with the boy in that candy bar commercial.of homework is cyclical – with each cycle reshaping homework policies and practices in our classrooms. In the 1940s, when the country was dealing with more important issues, homework was seen as a redundant waste of time.I was in a recent Twitter chat with other middle school educators about the topic of homework.There was a clear division among the teachers on the question of whether homework teaches time management and responsibility. I feel that the completion of homework merely teaches compliance.

This included an intense study of motivation while obtaining my graduate degree in Education Psychology.Through all of my research, and from trial and error in my own class, I have determined my own set of “rules.” Following practices like these can assure we have a positive homework policy in place.In my ideal world, there would not be homework unless it was student chosen, developed, and executed.Homework is assigned either to reinforce and/or practice skills that have been learned or taught throughout the school day, or to complete task and/or projects that were begun in class.Homework can also be used to build background knowledge and introduce a skill/concept to be used in future lessons.The high school feels the pressure to give excessive homework to enable students to pass the Advanced Placement tests and to do well on college entrance exams.Universities see students who are “unprepared” to do the critical thinking necessary to be successful because, sadly, they were given too much rote work at the high school level and below.Homework is often a perfect opportunity to differentiate and to usher in success for all. The weekday guidelines for homework are based on grade level.Additional time would be expected of high school level courses and music classes.When I began teaching English in 2008, I wanted to be more like the excellent teachers I’d known.I never wanted my classes to feel like a “sit and get” experience that students must somehow survive.

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