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At that meeting, discussion will occur to outline all the alternative plans, the responsibilities and expectations, and the anticipated outcomes for achievement - including assessment, reporting and record keeping responsibilities.

A parent of a student attending Cedar Grove Elementary School may, and at the request of a teacher or the principal must, consult with the teacher and/or principal with respect to the student's educational program, including the student's attendance, behavior and progress in school.

If, after that discussion, parent(s), student, teacher or preferably all in collaboration wish to continue the discussion with the principal, it will be welcomed.

In some cases, the principal may also include the Special Education teacher in the discussion as a consultant. 46 policy that all volunteers have criminal record checks done every five years.

Some students and staff at Cedar Grove have severe, possibly life-threatening allergies that can be triggered by exposure to peanuts or products made with or near peanuts or by perfumes and cologns.

All students, parents, and staff and visitors are requested to help keep Cedar Grove as peanut free and scent free as possible.

We also want students to understand that the classroom is also a very private place in many ways.

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Our facility, located in a scenic, forested area, includes a gymnasium, library, courtyard, gardens, a medicine wheel, expansive playing fields and a one-of-kind playground on the Sunshine Coast – a maze of climbing structures, platforms and swings that make for a remarkable and imaginative play area.

Parents and staff are working together to design and construct an outdoor learning area.

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