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With all of these mixed findings, it’s clear that the question shouldn’t be “should students get homework?” Instead, educators should assign homework while considering the age of their students, the amount of assignments, and what content it covers.For example, a review of research I found showed that lengthy math homework assignments had a negative effect on achievement.Other studies showed homework in a more positive light.you're 14 you could be in grade school still for all I know. Stupid school system needs to get their head wired to their ass!I particularly enjoyed my homework last year for year 13.

I absolutly hate homework, it gets in the way to much, and I think that we SHOULD be allowed to go home and relax, not do more of what we have been doing all day.

However, I have something to back this up other then.

"ITS FUCKING STUPID."I have read from Credible news articles that homework load, surpisingly, "Has no signifiant benifit in aiding the learning process of childern, which serverly are outweighed by the negative of homework."Some of those Side effects where Depression, along with the destructions of ones social life.

Mike Pabian, Professor at Lesley University, said that homework is a lot like practicing a sport. The practice should not be assigned with a ‘more is better’ philosophy; rather, less is more.

Effective homework is a matter of targeted practice that will strengthen a certain content area or procedure.” Ashley Mc Donald, my sister and a second grade teacher in Central Massachusetts, agrees.

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