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How are you expected to hit the classroom five days a week when you didn't get enough time in at the beach, didn't do your summer reading, and most definitely don't remember anything from last year?

Sadly, none of that matters to your teachers or your parents. But these back to school memes will at least make you feel better about getting out of bed on the first day. In the last week I've watched a season of glee and a season of the good place.

We think every single one of them deserves a place in the Smart Aleck Hall of Fame.

She not only created a funny story about this really, really weird picture of a cat overseeing a pile of hot dogs, but she also used CAPITALS and lots of exclamation points.

Kids will be kids though, so even in something as mundane as homework, children somehow find a way to make us laugh hysterically.

Whether they were due to hilarious spelling errors, kid-drawings that could be interpreted as, um, other (inappropriate) things, or just the ol' Common Core blunder, these 20 homework assignments failed so hard that they win the internet and are cracking us up.

"Star Trek: Into Darkness" rehashing "Wrath of Kahn").

And if you’re wondering what misinformation you picked up as a kid, discover 25 Life Lessons You Learned as a Kid That Are Wildly Outdated Today.Who cares what the teacher thought — this kid deserves an A !Growing up, homework was probably not your idea of a good time.But now that you’re years removed from take-home questionnaires, you may be able to crack a smile or two at the process—especially if you take a gander at the jokes kids are slipping into their assignments these days.Whether it’s a lazy case of bad math, a comically dark family portrait, or a too-literal interpretation of the assignment (see above…and below), some students just really know how to tickle our funny bones.Kids these days: can't live with 'em, can't teach 'em anything because the Internet shows them that they can be a smartass instead of submitting real quiz answers.Tests were once about studying, knowing the most, reveling in the honest hard work of memorizing the basics of being a person in American society. But these days all kids care about is submitting creative test answers that will make their Gen Y teachers laugh, making sure everyone is having a "good time." Back in the day, each and every one of these damn kids would have been slapped on the wrist for writing down sassy words and drawing goofy pictures instead of, you know, actually finishing their tests.So much so, I decided to scour the interweb to get an idea of some of the unique and funny things that children have written in their homework. If you have any homework fails that you'd like to share with me, feel free to comment/submit them below.After a long day in school, the idea of homework can drain the life out of both parents and children (but mostly parents, obviously).Lucky for us, the funniest homework answers often end up on the Internet, courtesy of amused parents or teachers.Some of these students are being deliberately funny; others may very well be trying (and failing) to find the right answer.

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