Homework High

Here, you can check on your student’s grades and attendance.

I encourage parents to have a weekly conversation with their student and review grades and attendance from the past week together.

Extracurricular activities, leadership positions, work, and community service are all looked upon positively on a college or scholarship application. Ultimately, if your high schooler doesn’t complete their work, it’s on them.

The homework battle is not worth the stress it places on the student/parent relationship.

With increased homework loads and responsibilities, teens are learning how to manage their time and complete their work—all skills they’ll need no matter what their future holds. As high schoolers, students should be able to organize their coursework and complete assignments on time.

How they handle their homework is actually a big test in their ability to do these things. It is important that your student learns how to ask for help when they do not understand class material.

It becomes a power struggle and the student usually loses because they end up hurting their own GPA.

One of the best ways to check the progress of your student is to become familiar with the online parent portal of the school’s student information system.

As a last resort, you may want to ask your student if they would be interested in seeing a private tutor, if possible.

Because this can be an expensive resource, make sure your student is motivated to get this extra help. Some students will avoid their parents’ support, not because they have it under control but because they have found other things to occupy their time.

High school is a time that accelerates the parent/child separation process However, if your student does not want your help, no need to be offended. Is there a resource room or writing lab where students can get extra help?

If your student is struggling with homework, encourage them to seek out other support at school. Would your student be interested in starting a study group?

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