Homework Grading

Students would receive a stamp or my initials on their Homework Agenda.

Essentially, the Homework Agenda (freebie offered later in this post) is a one-pager that kept students homework organized.

It opens up conversations and helps be to encourage and be a champion for my students. If during the week you were absent, had an incomplete assignment, or didn’t complete one, Friday was D day. Here is my weekly process: Yes, there will be missing assignments. We all know that it is much more work when students don’t complete their assignments.

Yes, students will come to Thursday and have lost their precious agenda. My least organized student, who carried everything in their pocket, could fold that agenda up and hang onto it for a week. It would be a dream world if everyone turned in their work everyday. The reality is that not every student has a support system at home.

We are interested in not only the overall student performance, but also in the performance of specific student subgroups with varying backgrounds as well as the impact of homework on the type of learning that takes place in the course.

The study was conducted in a Numerical Methods course at the University of South Florida over a period of three years encompassing data from over 300 hundred Mechanical Engineering students.

As a class, we quickly graded the homework assignment.

While grading homework may not be critical in improving student examination performance, it is important to ensure that students practice the concepts. It is hard to believe when you have a 150 students, but I am sharing an organization system that will make grading math homework much more efficient.This is a follow up to my Minimalist Approach to Homework post.I was able to give specific praise to students who were giving 110% effort or making improvements.This is why I love the Homework Agenda.“There is no possible way, I could collect the assignments individually and return them in a timely fashion. Since using it, I am quickly able to provide individual and specific feedback in a timely manner.To check the work, I grade on a scale of fifteen points and pre-select five even problems to check for accuracy.I subtract one point for incorrect problems out of the fifteen points.Statistical analysis of data regarding the impact of homework grading policies on student subgroups based on several factors is presented.Our results indicate that there is no statistically significant difference in student examination performance when homework is graded versus when homework is assigned but not graded.A completed Homework Agenda would have 4 assignments’ names, with 4 teacher completion signatures, and 4 grades for each day of the week that I assigned homework.Later in the class or the following day as I circulated, I was able to see on the front of the Homework Agenda how students were doing and discuss personally with them whether or not they needed to see me in tutorials.

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