Homework Coupons Raintree Essay Question

The kids seemed pretty excited to have the option to skip homework on their birthday. Give to students for a job well done that can then be used in place of one homework assignment. Teachers can sign the homework pass and hand out to students as a reward for good behavior or a job well done!The passes are highly visible, colorful and designed to be a great reward for positive student behavior, concept mastery, or academic performance.The pass is suitable for use across all grade levels, and is useful as a send-home for parents.The teacher will review and discuss each assignment students are to complete at the end of every school day.

I made sure to write the student’s name on it and sign them when a student won a homework coupon because they weren’t valid without my signature.

Once the PDF document appears, select the print option – print as many pages as you need for your classroom.

Cut the passes apart on the gray line, sign and hand out to your students for a special occasion.

Printable Homework Pass – to be used in place of one homework assignment can be signed by the teacher before given to the student as a reward for good behavior or a job well done.

Five different designs are used on each page of the homework passes. Simply select the Homework Pass option listed below.

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