Homework Contract

If the student does Wednesday __________ to __________ not have assignments, he/she will review Thursday __________ to __________ for tests, work ahead, redo past assignments, Friday __________ to __________ or read material related to classes.

Students Saturday __________ to __________ will need to increase their study time when Sunday __________ to __________ faced with long and/or difficult assignments.

A contract places the responsibility for getting homework done on the student which is where it should be.

It also helps many students establish a homework routine.

THE FAMILY HOMEWORK CONTRACT __________________ and _________________ have mutually agreed to the terms of the (student) (parent) following homework contract to take effect on__________________________________.

Homework Study Schedule Monday __________ to __________ Student will study at least _____minutes Tuesday __________ to __________ on the indicated days.

Even young students will benefit from having a homework contract. You definitely should not have your family’s first homework contract use all the terms of the sample contract.

Homework Contract-67Homework Contract-33

Older students can choose specific times on the weekend to review the week’s work or do projects.Poor students will profit from spending some weekend time on review or skill-building work.Redoing assignments can be helpful for these students.Provision also needs to be made to look at the contract periodically (monthly, every grading period) to see if it needs to be revised as conditions change. Some will need to do their nightly homework in two or more time periods.Others may need timed breaks to release energy or to get a snack.__________No phone calls will be allowed during homework time.__________Homework will not be done in front of the TV. __________The computer will only be used to work directly on assignments. __________Parent will not remind students when it is time to start homework.How Much Time Should Students Spend on Homework The rough rule of thumb that most educators use is that students should work on homework approximately 10 minutes for each year in school.Following this rule, a second grader would spend 20 minutes on homework while a fifth grader would spend 50 minutes.At the high school level, it may be necessary for students to do as much as two hours a night depending on the courses that they are taking and whether or not they have a study period at school.Students do not have to work on homework every day.

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