Homework Causing Stress

But all she could think about was the pile of homework she had to complete before going to bed.“Homework stresses me out because I am in three AP and two honors classes, so if I’m not self-disciplined to get the things I need to get done by the deadlines, my grades will suffer,” Owen said.The balancing act It’s not surprising that a large number of students are seeking online homework assignments help in their effort to balance academic life with life outside the school.Generally, the complex nature of some assignments causes many students sleepless nights as they do the assignments.That’s not a good thing.” Stress can be increased when a student adds a part-time job or extracurricular activities. Any of these situations can make it more difficult for students to keep up with homework and, in turn, can cause grades to suffer.“You can sail right through and not do the extra things you maybe should do, but I take the responsibility to do those things because in AP you really have to be self-disciplined to do those things and work harder and strive even further to do well and excel,” Owen said.They assign students many, complex assignments with strict deadlines almost on daily basis.

That’s the best option because even if you talk to your teacher or professor about it, they will see you as a typical teen that just like complaining.

Unfortunately, teachers and professors don’t consider this fact.

They assign students loads of academic work as a routine practice.

More ways to make homework more enjoyable are to incorporate snacks, listen to music, take short breaks and start with the hardest homework first.

According to the National Education Association, a student should only be assigned 10 minutes of homework per grade level so a freshman should be assigned 90 minutes and a senior should be assigned 120 minutes.

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