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You’ll be sacrificing time and focus on family to get it launched, at least in the first 6 to 12 months until you have it set up correctly. Are you financially inclined enough to regularly review financial reports.You’ll need to understand balance sheets, cash flow statements, Profit & Loss Statements and various other reports.If numbers aren’t your forte, some of it can be hired out.However, your ability to review, understand and act on financial reports can make or break your business.

Burnout is a major contributor to businesses failing; self-motivation will be a strong factor in surviving burnout and slow times.As you prepare to hire caregivers who will care for your clients, it’s important you have a clear picture of what kind of employees to hire.What are the required qualifications you will have? Prepare for the applications coming in and how you’ll review them.Everything from your filing system to your telephone answering script.From time tracking to invoicing, payroll to financial reporting, scheduling to client retention.The senior care industry or providing care for people?If you’re going to enter this industry, you want to know and understand what you’re getting into.It may mean time away from events and functions that are otherwise tradition.You may also experience financial hardships for a few months in the beginning and depending on the effort and outside factors – it could mean lean times for a year or more.it’s time to take action to start a home care business.How well do you know and understand the home care industry?

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