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This is a 5 page paper that provides an overview of fictional accounts of the Holocaust.

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Ghetto Resistance The most famous case is the Warsaw Ghetto uprising 7 where as the ghetto was being gradually emptied, under pretence of building air-raid shelters, Jews constructed dugouts connected to the sweaty system.They were led by the twenty-four-year-old Mordechai Anielewicz who, with 750 fighters, nine rifles, fifty-nine pistols, and a few Molotov cocktails contrived to hold almost 3,000 Waffen-SS with 7,000 reinforcements at bay.They killed sixteen Germans and wounded eighty-five8.Several aspects about the divide between "Aryan" and "Jewish " science are discussed.History is provided to support the reasons why Nazi science probably failed. A 4 page research paper that encompasses 4 short 1-page essays on topics related to the Holocaust.It considers the social, economic, and emotional factors that contributed to the development of the Third Reich. A 5 page overview of definition of 'genocide' in terms on Native American history when compared with Jewish history in World War II.Makes extensive reference to, and rebuts the philosophies of Steven Katz, author of 'The Holocaust in a Historical perspective'.Only the most brief overview of one of the most horrendous events ...This 6 page paper discusses three of the stories told by Yaffa Eliach in "Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust." The three stories illustrate the power of faith and hope to restore the world, even during and after a horror such as the Holocaust.In one camp, for instance, a menorah was fashioned out of potato slices that inmates had carefully collected from their 'meals', shoelaces being cut and used as wicks6.And then, other Jews resisted by hiding in attics and cellars, and by disguising themselves as non-Jews.

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