Hobbes Vs Rousseau Essays

On his father’s exile from the city to avoid arrest, Jean-Jacques was put in the care of a pastor at nearby Bossey and subsequently apprenticed to an engraver.Rousseau left the city at the age of sixteen and came under the influence of a Roman Catholic convert noblewoman, Francoise-Louise de la Tour, Baronne de Warens.The system was rejected by the Academy, but in this period Rousseau met Denis Diderot.A brief spell as secretary to the French Ambassador in Venice followed before Rousseau moved to Paris on a more permanent basis from 1744, where he continued to work mainly on music and began to write contributions to the of Diderot and d’Alembert.

The first of these was his opera ), which was an immediate success (and stayed in the repertoire for a century).

Mme de Warens arranged for Rousseau to travel to Turin, where he converted to Roman Catholicism in April 1728.

Rousseau spent some time working as a domestic servant in a noble household in Turin, and during this time a shameful episode occurred in which he falsely accused a fellow servant of the theft of a ribbon.

This act marked him deeply and he returns to it in his autobiographical works.

Rousseau then spent a brief period training to become a Catholic priest before embarking on another brief career as an itinerant musician, music copyist and teacher.

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