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The origins of pop music can be found in a variety of different musical styles, including the jazzy piano melodies of ragtime, a musical trend associated with the late 19th to early 20th centuries.

Its roots can also be found in improvised rhythms of the jazz era of the 1920s and 1930s and the orchestras of the big band era, which ruled in the 1940s.

The music forms and styles of the Classical period, which spans from 1750 to 1820, is characterized by simpler melodies and forms such as the sonatas.

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Pop music is an abbreviation of the word 'popular.' It's a contemporary form of music that appeals to a very wide audience.During this time, there were two general types of music styles; the monophonic and the polyphonic.The main forms of music included Gregorian chanting and plainchant.Plainchant is a form of church music that has no instrumental accompaniment and only involves chanting or singing.For a period, it was the only type of music allowed in Christian churches.Most notably, Mozart wrote his first symphony and Beethoven was born during this period.Historiographers define the Romantic Music period to be between 1800 to 1900. For some people, good music can be an orchestral symphony, a jazz set, an electronic beat or even something as simple as bird's chirping. One person might like a certain style of music while another person might not.Music during the 20th-century brought about many innovations on how music was performed and appreciated.Artists were more willing to experiment with new music forms and used technology to enhance their compositions.

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