History And Memory Essay

The sites, and ideas associated with them, are both built upon and used to construct the collective memory of the nation.

However, these tangible representations of the past often present monolithic interpretations of history (although individuals’ reading of them may not be) that do not consider complex questions related to multiple histories.

The second section will introduce the practice of heritage conservation, specifically in relation to historical memory.

From a theoretical examination of heritage conservation, it becomes apparent that the methodology of historical memory is often already employed within the practice.

Elle se fonde sur l’histoire orale, mais présente un ensemble plus complexe de questions qui examinent la construction de la mémoire elle-même.

The relationship between National Historic Sites and gender history has, up to this point, rarely been explored.For the majority of this investigation, only National Historic Sites will be referred to, but it is important to remember that ‘heritage’ is far more expansive than sites officially recognized by the federal government.Throughout this paper however, ‘heritage conservation’ will be used to refer specifically to the practice of preserving heritage more generally.La représentation publique de la mémoire n’est pas seulement une méthode utile pour faire participer le public au passé, mais elle a également le pouvoir de transformer la mémoire collective de la nation.Basée sur ce lien, la mémoire historique est une méthode utile pour comprendre les liens complexes et rarement explorés entre l’histoire des femmes et du genre et les Lieux historiques nationaux., last revised in 2000, clearly outlines the commitment by Parks Canada to specifically conserve heritage related to women’s history due to previous under-representation (Parks Canada, 2000).While the formal recognition of this significant connection has been made on a national scale, very little literature has been produced regarding the theoretical connections between the two fields and methodological relations that exist linking these separate areas.By considering historical memory in terms of its significance as a key methodology to both National Historic Sites and gender history, it is possible to more fully understand the potential relationship between these two areas.Historical memory can be understood as both a theoretical framework and methodology that repositions questions about the past and how it is remembered, both individually and collectively.Which memories are commemorated and performed, which memories are left out, and for what purpose?And, how can memories be used in order to ‘reclaim’ alternative histories not traditionally presented at National Historic Sites?

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