Higher Computing Coursework 2012 Cornell Transfer Essay

The major area must include at least thirty (30) units of course work, with at most six (6) units of 299, which form a consistent program of study in a research area of computer science.

The minor area must include at least fifteen (15) units of course work, including at least three graduate courses, and excludes any units of 299.

This document describes requirements for the Ph D degree offered by the Graduate Group in Computer Science at UC Davis, prior to 2012.

These degree requirements are not available to those who started the program in 2012 or later; those students must follow the most recent degree requirements.

A student passes this requirement by a high level of achievement in graduate coursework and demonstrating “advanced” proficiency in the graduate breadth requirements.

An acceptable Ph D dissertation is not only an original contribution to the field, but is generally characterized by a broad scope of universal applicability.

Each student is required to participate in an exit seminar, in which the candidate’s research is presented to the UC Davis academic community.

The examinations differ in structure, depending on the area of research and the members of the examining committee.

In this examination the student will be asked to give a formal presentation of the thesis proposal.

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