High School Science Essay Competition Pro Essays On Abortion

The Community Outreach Committee is constantly trying to make interest in biology more widespread in San Diego.

Our annual essay contest gives us an opportunity to impact high school students in particular, encouraging them to think about biology in a larger context and helping them to work on science communication skills.

This is a great opportunity for high school students to think about biology not as an isolated field but rather as a subject with many applications and connections across multiple fields.

For inquiries or ways to participate, please contact: Prompt: Many influential companies and organizations in the past decade have devoted themselves to creating an interplanetary future.

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The teachers all agreed that this was something that could be promoted in the science and writing departments and could possibly be made into an assignment for students to work on over the winter break.

Prompt: For thousands of years, humans have been dependent on our planet’s resources to survive and continuously improve our quality of life.

This highly one-sided relationship has significantly disturbed the natural world.

In our second year of the Essay Contest, we noticed environmental issues were being heavily discussed in the news, and thus decided to use that for our topic.

We asked students to write about environmental biology and integrate that knowledge with another area of interest to demonstrate that biology can be heavily involved with other topics like medicine, engineering, or art.

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