High School Life Essay

I was just a snotty-nosed 8th grader, stepping into a whole new world. I didn’t know anything about high school, or how it worked. At the beginning of my freshman year, I was extremely shy.I didn’t know that by just thinking to myself, “oh this is going to be so cool and awesome. I was living in Lancaster, and going to Antelope Valley High School. I was just worrying about being cool, and hanging out with my friends. Not knowing that those little things were going to affect me throughout my high school life.It is better to use professional writing website like this one from time to time. When students are too overloaded, there is no better option.Besides, college assignments are much more complicated in contrast to small high school essays.College students meet with particular professors only 2-3 times a week.The huge gaps between classes may lead to the gaps in memories, so one has to obey the self-developed structure of the daily routine.Growing up I didn’t have a role model, or someone to look up to. Each time I ask for help, they would send me off to someone else. I still can’t believe that I turned out to be that kind of girl.

Ever since I was little, I always loved to help people once I stepped out of my shell.Although I still have a lot of holes to patch up in my credits, I’ll get through them. I will prove not only to myself, but every single person who doubted me, that I’m going to graduate on time.I will be successful in life, and make it to where I want to be. Are you still trying to find ways in which college is different from high school?Well, these educational institutions have plenty in common. The only thing we can tell you for sure is that college will be appreciated by those adolescents who: It’s up to you to keep in mind all test and exam dates.College professors are more interested in the personal progress and career of each student.The reputation of their college and their own name depend on this factor.Still, being college students stands for higher responsibility than being high school students. Stick to the schedule received at the beginning of the very first lecture.Then, all examinations will be expected, so you’ll have at least a week to get ready.First semester came, and I passed it with flying colors. That isn’t my style, and it never was to begin with. Hanging out not doing anything; I was just failing again, like I did in ninth grade. I was just about to enter the eleventh grade with only thirty-five credits, when I was supposed to have 115. I moved back with my dad, because I was living with my mom at the time. They are the ones that motivated me to do the best I can. If it wasn’t for them encouraging me, I wouldn’t be the intelligent lady that I am today. Passing high school, and graduating on time is so important to me.My mom has five kids, and three out of them didn’t graduate.

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