Hicks Critical Essays In Monetary Theory

Hicks also wrote in a number of other areas, especially in the field of monetary economics.His work is not easily summarized, but the majority of his efforts, aside from Value and Capital, have a literary elegance and clarity that deservedly earned him the title of being "an economist's economist.NOTE: Randy and I discussed at length how much mainstream analysis we would include in the textbook.Clearly, we have a responsibility to provide students with an understanding of the tools that are used in the profession including those that are frequently referred to in the policy debate.Afterward, when a flaw was discovered in the exposition, Hicks published Capital and Time: A Neo-Austrian Theory (1973), which incorporated time into the analysis.

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We expect to complete the text during 2013 (to be ready in draft form for second semester teaching). Remember this is a textbook aimed at undergraduate students and so the writing will be different from my usual blog free-for-all.Hicks's first book, The Theory of Wages (1932), was an institutional history of labor economics in Britain that analyzed wages under conditions of supply and demand in a competitive market.His second book, Value and Capital: An Inquiry into Some Fundamental Principles of Economic Theory (1939), was a monumental effort that firmly established his reputation among economists.We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy . However, so much of his prestigious output has been rapidly absorbed into the main body of economic analysis that the Hicksian origin of much of contemporary theory has become obscured.Therefore, the main purpose of this essay will be to highlight the early contributions of Hicks and to emphasise the revolutionary impact that much of his writings have had on the literature.The Eastern Provinces From the First to the Third Century AD. John Hicks in OUP Catalogue from Oxford University Press Abstract: Critical Essays in Monetary Theory Date: 1979 ISBN: 9780198284239 References: Add references at Cit Ec Citations: View citations in Econ Papers (54) Track citations by RSS feed There are no downloads for this item, see the Econ Papers FAQ for hints about obtaining it.This rather short work was highly regarded by Hicks, and he is said to have wished that his Nobel Prize had been awarded for this book rather than for his earlier efforts.However, Economic History received very little attention from economists and somewhat critical reviews from economic historians.

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